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# I might not be a photoshop genius
But its not hard really is it

Anyone could turn him back to white if they wanted to and put the light back on and shading etc
(, Wed 13 Aug 2008, 17:21, archived)
# Unless he had incredibly shiny skin in the first place,
those reflections would be difficult to do.
(, Wed 13 Aug 2008, 17:23, archived)
# He had really shiny skin
trust me
(, Wed 13 Aug 2008, 17:25, archived)
# Well your photoshopping skills have clearing improved vastly
since this a couple of hours ago www.b3ta.com/board/8646288
(, Wed 13 Aug 2008, 17:27, archived)
# Mate if you did it you're fucking brilliant
However three peaple with many years of experience. All of us have had our images used in the national and international press.
We are saying, and we's appologise if we were wrong, categoricly, that is some sort of spread on a person's face.
(, Wed 13 Aug 2008, 17:28, archived)
# You're overestimating me a bit here.
a bit massively
(, Wed 13 Aug 2008, 17:29, archived)
# shhh
he doesn't know you're crap:P
(, Wed 13 Aug 2008, 17:41, archived)
# Fingers crossed he won't check my profile
(, Wed 13 Aug 2008, 17:42, archived)
# "that is some sort of spread on a person's face"
I hope thats your random quote on the stats page.
(, Wed 13 Aug 2008, 17:30, archived)
(, Wed 13 Aug 2008, 17:39, archived)