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# I recko that am wrong
I reckon the speed of digestion would be most closely related to the surface area because you can only digest from the surface inwards.

Surface area per gramme is very different for a smaller creature, due to some cubic law or somethin, ie. If a creature doubles in lenght it's volume increases by 2^3 which am 8 BUT it's surface area only increases by 2^2 which am 4. So it has relatively higher volume per square inch of digestible surface.

So therefore a smaller creature offers a much greater area for those old juices to work through, and hence digestion will be much more efficient.

This of course assumes that both are swallowed whole (oooerrr!) which, given a vagina/mouth of that size is reasonable I reckon!

(, Fri 29 Aug 2008, 5:52, archived)