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# White Dog Poo
1. I moderate the Sunderland Message Board (somebody has to) and white dog poo has long been a favourite off topic. Since I was small in the 50s until my nephew moved out in the 80s, a footpath through our estate north of Sunderland was a favourite dumping ground (if you'll pardon the pun) for dogs. Until now we were generally agreed that the phenomenon no longer occurred and that perhaps this was due to the more balanced nature of dog food. What a joy to know it can still be found. You lucky people.
2. My daughter must have been about two when, one day, I returned home for lunch, stepped out of the car and she greeted me with 'Daddy, you are in the doggy doo.' Of course I immediately checked my boots. Clean. I got in the house and was greeted by a tirade. Apparently I was in the dog HOUSE, not the dog doo (I forget why). But the term dog doo has stuck.
(, Fri 28 Mar 2003, 12:29, archived)