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# Ha!
I'd love to ask a homeopath why, if the water 'remembers' substances that have been in it, I'm not effectively just drinking loads of piss, shit, bacteria, poison, etc. whenever I have a glass of water? Surely I'm lucky to be alive with the 'memories' of all those harmful things I'm exposed to every time I turn on the tap?
(, Fri 8 Jan 2010, 13:09, archived)
# because
it cures the symptoms that all those bad things produce. or something.

For me, the real problem is that Samuel Hahnemann just decided that it would work. And it was started at a time when alot of real medicine involved things like bloodletting and taking strychnine and shit, so actually doing nothing (or taking homeopathy) probably produced more positive results.
(, Fri 8 Jan 2010, 16:08, archived)