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real life robots

Real Life Robots. This week we want you to shut down Photoshop and take out your digital camera. Using objects found only in your office, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, we want you to dress up a like a robot and upload the results.

(Wed 26 Oct 2005, 19:20)
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# he wasnt even the best drummer in the band...
"With love To Me to You"

(, Tue 15 Nov 2005, 1:02, More)
# woo heres my robot costume.

woo, shame i missed that competition.

the speakers in the chest do play music and the lights do work. hoorah for my robot costume.
(, Sat 12 Nov 2005, 1:09, More)
# i work the medium of cardboard
Bite my shiny Cardboard ass
(, Wed 2 Nov 2005, 19:46, More)
# Bow down before me...
for I am BOXFACE!

(, Wed 2 Nov 2005, 19:21, More)
Considering th amount of computerised shite I own, this should be better.


(, Wed 2 Nov 2005, 18:53, More)
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