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the shining

The Shining

We're taking a summer break to the Overlook Hotel and checking in to room 237. Should be good to get away from it all, maybe we can finish off that book we've been trying to write. Why not join us, pack your bags and remember your axe for a week of The Shining. See the entries »

protest trump

Protest Trump

It's time, Trump is visiting the UK on Friday the 13th so we'd better start work on our protest posters, art installations and two fingered salutes. Fire up photoshop and show us the best way to Protest Trump. See the entries »



It's sportsball time on the world again. Celebrate the kicking of the ball up and down a grass rectangle until the bell rings by photoshopping some soccery lols. See the entries »

adverts if everything was legal

Adverts if everything was legal

It looks like they're going to legalise cannabis (or the medical sort at least) so we started thinking how they would advertise it, and then we thought how would other currently illegal things be advertised? Show us your glossy ads for naughty criminals and dodgily dealt products. See the entries »

rejected greeting cards

Rejected Greeting Cards

They say there's a greeting card for every occasion, but this is a lie as I never got one when I fell in a pond and nearly drowned. Show us all the designs that Hallmark foolishly said no to, show us your Rejected Greetings Cards! See the entries »

kids covers adult books

Kids covers adult books

The Harry Potter books have an "adult" cover option so people don't laugh at you reading a children's book in public. We're swapping that around this week by giving adult books kids covers. Make inappropriately friendly and jolly pictures for your favourite disturbing reads. See the entries »

farm films

Farm Films

Hop in your tractor and take a trip to the cinema, we're doing Farm Films this week. Give us your best agriculture related movie puns. See the entries »

one letter celebrity name change

One letter celebrity name change

Pick a famous person, change one letter of their name so that it makes you lol and then do us a picture of it. It's a one letter celebrity name change challenge! See the entries »



One word challenge - Birds! See the entries »

two panel album cover jokes

Two Panel Album Cover Jokes

Following the same theme as the 2 panel celebrity name jokes, we thought we'd raid our record collections and do the same with classic album art. See the entries »

royal souvenirs

Royal Souvenirs

It's almost time for another Royal Wedding. The cheap cups, plates and bunting are appearing in shops already so lets add to the options available by creating our own. Give us Royal souvenirs for Harry and Meghan's nuptials, and whatever other Royal occasion you feel should be cast in high quality foreign plastic. See the entries »

mp power poses

MP Power Poses

Tory Power Poses are back in the news, but they seem to be sticking to the same old boring wide legged one. So lets suggest some new power poses for MPs of all sides to strike and instil a whole new sense of awe in the plebs, or whatever it is they think they're doing. See the entries »

fake shop signs

Fake Shop Signs

Everyone loves a comically misspelled price tag. Fake up some hilarious signs for pens or veg and make people believe you saw them while out shopping. Or just give us your best shop sign related lols. See the entries »

reverse films

Reverse Films

We're reversing the plots of films this week. e.g. Tron - a sprite gets zapped in to the real world and is made to sweep floors and do taxes instead of throwing a frisbee about. See the entries »

poster art

Poster Art

We're going all cultured and arty again with a trip back to La Belle Époque and the illustrative wonders of early advertising. B3ta up some Poster Art See the entries »



One word challenge - Flight. It means all sorts, flying in the air, running away, stairs, part of a dart, a trajectory. Show us the pictures it makes in your brain. See the entries »

book title shuffle

Book Title Shuffle

Pick a book, move the words on the front around and show us the hilarious visual imagery it suggests. It's a book title rearranging challenge! See the entries »

historicalize films

Historicalize Films

We're setting films in different eras this week. Take a favourite movie and turn back the clock to see how Ghostbusters would look in Victorian times or how Beverly Hills Cop would look in 17th century fashion. See the entries »



We're all fingers and thumbs typing up the image challenge this week. Fire up photoshop and spill the beans on your favourite idioms, because a picture paints a thousand words. See the entries »

the horror web

The Horror Web

We're scaring the bejesus out of the internet this week. Re-imagine all your favourite sites through the eyes of Freddy Krueger or show us how The Thing does their online shopping. Horror up the Web and remember, in MySpace no one can hear you scream. See the entries »

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