b3ta.com challenge: sites that haven't been made but should be
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This is a challengestill open
sites that haven't been made but should be

Sites that haven't been made but should be. The stupider the better, as ususal you can download the template and then submit it to the board.

(Fri 8 Feb 2002, 14:38)
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# ehhhh - first post here - just a vague try. bear with me

(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 21:30, More)
# eeh oop lad this t'internet thing is champion

(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 21:26, More)
# I had a weird dream
about this

b3ta helps
(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 20:18, More)
# this probably does exist
and is run by a hard-working but irritating Swedish gentleman who even other Swedish gentlemen find irritating and unamusing, but whose enthusiasm is equalled only by his inflated sense that he is benefitting the world.

(if it doesnt open, its because its hosted on freeservers, which sucks. you arent missing anything)
(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 19:33, More)
# Wouldn't be surprised if this actually did exist

(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 16:17, More)
# I hate Pokemon...
but I made this to amuse my nephew...

(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 14:26, More)
# this is shite but
its the first time i've been bored and lonely enough to join and do one of the challenge things. Woo, as you'd say.

Aaagh! Fuck! The shitty free-ass host thing I was using won't allow it. Ah well. Nobody's missing much.
(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 13:53, More)
# icanwink.com

(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 12:58, More)
# Knock Knock, who's there???

I apologise to any religous people, but I think it would be a good way to build up a following!
(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 11:28, More)
# very dark mood this morn

(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 10:47, More)
# Furtive fauna

(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 10:36, More)
# Here's my reply

(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 10:35, More)
# Sorry I Didnt Know What else To Do
CHIPS! The under 18's version of Spud.

Kinda Shit But I Dont Care
(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 10:32, More)
# Bit shit
but may be useful.

(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 9:35, More)
# Weekly Challenge: Show us your idea for a site that should be made that hasn't been.

I've made the template narrow so that we can promote to the front page - but feel free to use your own template.
(, Fri 8 Feb 2002, 8:21, More)
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