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This is a link post Alexa gets a potty mouth when quizzed about Trump NSFW I made this!
So , the "Teach Alexa" third-party plug-in skill detects and beeps out any expletives you insert in your answers. However, it doesn't recognise phonetic alternatives, which is lucky for fuh kin kunce like me.
(, Tue 10 Jan 2017, 21:06, Reply)
This is a normal post Is this an advert for Amazon?
I could type swear words in to the 'Say' program on my Amiga 500 20 years ago. Therefore, this doesn't really impress me.
(, Tue 10 Jan 2017, 22:17, Reply)
This is a normal post
Amiga you say? Aye, that were nothing. When I were a lad, we used to 'ave to POKE individual phonemes out of a Currah MicroSpeech on a ZX81 if we wanted to hear it say 'queefing monkey cunt'. Anyway, sorry, but I'm a puerile twat to this day, and it still amuses me to hear a machine spout foul-mouthed abuse at a piss-sponge likeTrump. (C'mon, there were some good swears in there. Not Malcolm Tucker, maybe, but Rudekid at least.) :)
(, Wed 11 Jan 2017, 2:54, Reply)
This is a normal post
You seem to be a purchaser of Amazon's Alexa and a Donald Trump obsessive. Things don't look good for you.
(, Wed 11 Jan 2017, 17:42, Reply)
This is a normal post Inspired
Almost shit myself with laughter at this.
(, Fri 13 Jan 2017, 18:12, Reply)