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This is a link post Valhøl ver komum!
Led Zep in old Norse.

(, Fri 16 Oct 2020, 17:36, Reply)
This is a normal post years ago I met a girl in Bergen in Norway, and we stayed in the house of a divorced naval historian, who was also the leader of a local socialist youth group
all of this story is true, for what it's worth
at the first youth group meeting at the professor's house, I had a beer and read my book while about fifteen kids between 16 and 18 talked in Norwegian. About an hour in I looked up and Ivan the professor is lying on his back on the couch surrounded by all the kids.
"What's going on, Eiren?" I whisper to my girlfriend
"He's channelling the spirit of a thousand year old viking, and speaking in Old Norse"
"ahh....and..um...why does he have to be naked?"
"It's the only way he can do it"
(, Fri 16 Oct 2020, 23:48, Reply)
This is a normal post Underneath all that stiff-upper-lip stereotypical Englishness
- remember that about half of us are descended from Scandies.
It only takes a teeny push to turn us into skyclad skipping hippies and hooligans.
(, Sat 17 Oct 2020, 9:02, Reply)