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This is a normal post Ha!
Searched for a "Harvey Enner" first. There were a couple, but one had "created for a Twitter joke" on its profile banner (clearly for the same joke - since I started these in 2015, there have been a few others doing 'one-shot' profile/song lyric homophone gags as image posts). The other was clearly created by the same person - it originally had the same 'old man' as its pic. Where there's a choice, I try to avoid using obviously fake profiles. I'm not 100% sure about Harvey Heneur's authenticity, but it looked far more plausible. :)
(, Fri 27 Jan 2023, 9:54, , Reply)
This is a normal post
Some of the other contenders, for anyone who's interested...

(, Fri 27 Jan 2023, 16:12, , Reply)