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This is a normal post true
I worked for them during my summers at college (after being intersted in the books first), and even though the books are impressive (it shares alot of themes with Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law - who Hubbard was a follower of along with Nasa scientist Jack Parsons) the organisation and members don't live up to the claims. I was auditing people to clear and the 'wins' people claim are no more than any basic therapy could achieve from listening to people unload memories of past trauma (whether or not hooked up to an e-meter).

when I was there, Dianetic Auditing cost a punter £10 per hour and Scientology Auditing cost £100 per hour!(bear in mind that a case can go anywhere up to a few hundred hours. All decided by the auditor in the session)

to convince members to leave never argue the 'tech' (as they call it) Simply and calmly tell them of the members in the higher OT levels who have left the organisation (and the fact Hubbards son commited suicide). And the core group that help Hubbard start Dianetics in the 50's who all left at the later stages after becoming disillusioned to the supposed claims.

it works as a type of auto hypnosis, and i knew alot of intelligent articulate people in there. But to advance you need to be convinced by a degree of stages. very subtle and dangerous way of getting more dependant on it (by design). So even when you reach the higher OT levels you are convinced that objective phenomena are actually subjective. I suspect this is why it works so well on celebrities like Tom Cruise etc as they live in this unreality subjective bubble most of the time anyway.

that is why the only thing that works in deprogramming people out of it is to confront them with hard facts like names and dates of OT7's who have left the organisation.

If ever i'm in Manchester near Deansgate I often pop in for a polite argument in the hope I can convince some of them to research the organisation at the higher levels. Operation Clambake is a great website to point them towards
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