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This is a question Stories of unsurpassed brilliance

This "Week" The suggestion comes from Kroney who muses

"Whilst I was passing through Miami airport at the tender age of 21, I fancied a beer. "ID" said the charming Southerner behind the desk, so I got out my passport and showed it to her.

"You have to be 21," she said. Now this confused me slightly as I had been 21 for several months by this point and my date of birth was staring her in my face.

"I am 21," I replied helpfully "it says so there, look"

"You have to be 21", she said getting angry.

Cut a long story short, I argued, the manager came out, I argued with him before I finally realised that they weren't looking at the date of birth at all. They were looking at the date of *issue*

That would have made me an annoyingly precocious four year old. What examples of unsurpassed mental genius have you experienced?"""""""

(, Mon 21 Nov 2016, 9:24)
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Took a delivery at work
Our address is 2 Suchandsuch Street.

Delivery genius hands me a parcel with "1 Suchandsuch Street" clearly printed on the label.

"This is for number one," says I.

"Yeah, but two includes one, doesn't it," opines delivery genius.

"No, sorry, you'll have to take this to number one," says I.

Delivery genius lets out a heavy sigh.

"Ok, fine, do you know where number one is?" he asks.

"Erm, it's that building on the opposite side of the road with the giant number one emblazoned on it," says I.

Delivery genius looks at me like I'm an idiot.

"No, I'm looking for number on on *this side*," he replies witheringly.

I shut the door.
(, Wed 23 Nov 2016, 12:33, Reply)

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