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This is a question Housemates From Hell III

I once had a flatmate who was so lazy he had a fungus growing in a cup in his bedroom - it was white and whispy so he nicknamed it "Albert". Tell us your tale of living with the disturbed, the odd, the fragile and the downright filthy.

(, Thu 12 Mar 2015, 17:40)
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I had two housemates
Both lived upstairs from me.

One of them rarely emerged from his room except to answer the door to the Pizza Hut delivery man and scoot back to his room with his trophy.

He didn't even leave his room to use the bathroom -- he collected enormous empty orange squash bottles and pissed in them.

I finally managed to get him to talk to me long enough to ask why. Apparently he was scared to come out of his room because he was scared of the other upstairs housemate's (admittedly very loud and indistinguishable from roars of pain) sneezes.

He lived with me for a year and spent 364 of those days unemployed, the 365th being spent working at a Christmas pudding packing factory which he refused to return to because he claimed nobody else spoke English there.

And despite only being 21 or so he had a collection of pipes that would have put a 1970s geography teacher with leather elbow patches to shame.
(, Mon 16 Mar 2015, 3:46, Reply)

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