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This is a question House Parties

‘If rocking the house is a crime…then let me be guilty’. Not my words, Carol, the words of proto ravecore pioneers Genaside II. We all love a party – or do we?

There always used to be a girl crying on the stairs, who’d drunk too much vodka. Or someone would crap in the bath. What’s the most revolting/hilarious thing you’ve seen at a party? The worst house-trashing you’ve seen?

- This Weeks question from Richard Mcbeef IB

(, Fri 9 Oct 2015, 9:36)
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A few years ago we were invited to the engagement party of my cousin's daughter
The evening seemed to be going swimmingly, until the bride-to-be and groom-to-be had a massive argument, culminating in them splitting up on the spot.

We then discovered the following day that the groom-to-be had narrowly avoided imprisonment for war crimes following his time in the army in Iraq.

More gallingly, we never got our fucking gift vouchers back.
(, Fri 9 Oct 2015, 10:14, closed)

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