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This is a question House Parties

‘If rocking the house is a crime…then let me be guilty’. Not my words, Carol, the words of proto ravecore pioneers Genaside II. We all love a party – or do we?

There always used to be a girl crying on the stairs, who’d drunk too much vodka. Or someone would crap in the bath. What’s the most revolting/hilarious thing you’ve seen at a party? The worst house-trashing you’ve seen?

- This Weeks question from Richard Mcbeef IB

(, Fri 9 Oct 2015, 9:36)
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I love you you fucking evil bastard
I was dressed as the devil and my friend was tripping. She sat next to me for ages rapidly alternating between the "I love you, you're ace" ramble and being terrified of me and calling me an evil cunt. Happy times.
(, Wed 21 Oct 2015, 20:37, 1 reply)
hello, you fucking evil bastard, I love you
come join the joyride
(, Thu 22 Oct 2015, 13:52, closed)

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