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This is a question Killed to DEATH

Speedevil asks: What have you killed? Accidentally, or on purpose. Concepts, species, a man in Reno, the career of a well-known entertainer, or anything else.

(, Thu 22 Dec 2011, 13:18)
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Role reversal
I once nearly got killed by a spider.

My sister-in-law is terrified of the furry legged little gits, and I thought it would be quite amusing to throw her a box of matches containing one of said beasties, when she asked for a light for her fag.

Cue look of utter fear and dread, and mighty shriek, upon opening the box, followed swiftly by hate filled eyes and death threats for yours truly, being chased from the room.

Not gonna do that again in a rush, lemme tell ya.
(, Fri 23 Dec 2011, 18:22, 1 reply)
Very similar
To Gerald Durrell's scorpion story from "My family and other animals". His was to his brother (unintentionally) and contained a live scorpion and numerous baby scorpions.
(, Sat 24 Dec 2011, 1:20, closed)

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