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This is a question Political Correctness Gone Mad

Freddy Woo writes: "I once worked on an animation to help highlight the issues homeless people face in winter. The client was happy with the work, then a note came back that the ethnic mix of the characters were wrong. These were cartoon characters. They weren't meant to be ethnically anything, but we were forced to make one of them brown, at the cost of about 10k to the charity. This is how your donations are spent. Wisely as you can see."

How has PC affected you? (Please add your own tales - not five-year-old news stories cut-and-pasted from other websites)

(, Thu 22 Nov 2007, 10:20)
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Slightly Off-Topic, But...
There's a guy I go to college with, name of Andy, who has some form of spinal disorder, which means his spine is crooked, so he needs a frame to be able to walk. Now Andy is great - he's a grumpy, grouchy old bastard with a great sense of humour. But some of the looks I get walking around college and calling him a pain in the arse are unbelievable. Today, for example. Walking through college, and every corridor has at least two sets of double fire-doors, you know, the heavy bastards that hurt like hell if they hit you.

Anyway, walking through one particular corridor, there were a few older students, all women, coming the other way. As usual, it was just me and Andy, so there was me trying to open two doors at once and still leave him room to get through. And, as usual, he ends up going under my armpit and running over my toes. So I call him a bastard pain in the arse who just does it to be difficult, and he laughs and says he does. Cue filthy looks at me from the other people in the corridor, and me and Andy pissing ourselves.

On another note, the college fire-drill procedure means that in the even of a fire, we have to help Andy to the nearest fire exit. Fairy enough, yes? But no, we're not allowed to carry him, throw him or assisst him down steps or out of doors in any way shape or form. I can't decide whether its too PC or not PC enough!

Length? Several inches above average, or so he says.
(, Wed 28 Nov 2007, 16:30, Reply)

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