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This is a question Local Urban Legends

Urban legends from around your way, suggests top contributor Spanishfly. So tell us of your local legends and myths.

(, Sun 8 Jan 2017, 17:30)
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Local man and the bridge
There's a local 'crazy' man (in that he shouts in the street a lot and recites bible quotes to the traffic, although having said that I did once have a nice conversation with him about reggae music, so maybe he's just misunderstood?)
anyway he likes to sit on a bridge, legs hanging off the edge, over a busy road near my house. He also likes to keep the bridge tidy, kind of like the troll from the kids story. Anyway, rumour has it his brother threw himself off the bridge
and that's what turned him 'crazy', understandable really. Anyway, that's Macclesfield for ya.
(, Tue 10 Jan 2017, 9:29, Reply)

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