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This is a question What could have been?

insomniac-surfer asks "Ever turn down a job or didn't buy shares that could have made you rich and possibly famous?
Tell us what you did or didn't do that could have turned out possibly life changing."

(, Fri 2 Oct 2015, 8:28)
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Shall I do a genuine one?
Working in an IT-networky-type company, mid-90s, tech shares were like licenses to print money. I had 15,000 share options at 1.50 a share. The current price was 48.50, meaning I had a total of around 700,000 (dollars) just sitting there waiting to be exercised. The price had been going up like a rocket all week. In the end I phoned the company broker in the US and told him to sell everything when it hit 50 dollars a share. Went home, drank champagne, went to bed.

Next morning, the price is 39.00 a share. The peak was 49.75. I still had all my options. Then several board members were investigated for fraud. Never saw a penny. Still broke. But not bitter, it's just that all IT company directors are cunts.
(, Fri 2 Oct 2015, 17:38, Reply)

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