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Hello, first of all if your viewing this there's probably not much interesting going on here, second of all you guys are probably wondering who this guy is, the person that wrote this profile?

unfortunately, it is my job to share that so you know i am a human.

My internet username is Macintoshashire, the name sounds dumb but it was intentional, I only want people to remember this name for a short time then they'll forget my name and only remember my stuff.

By the way two things about that name, first my real name isn't Mac, infact I'll keep that to myself, second of all Macintoshashire is two different parts, Macintosh is the fact that i do like stuff like computers, the A is for animation, and the Shire is mainly because, I like history, especially of countries that don't exist anymore.

I like to draw art and also do animation, specifically I like more western style animations, normally towards adult audiences and those that are uploaded online.

Oh i also like rock music as well, in the case some guy asks that.

I think that this should be enough for my profile, might change it or edit it later on, but oh well, I'm not the most active guy here and I have more bigger fish to fry.

So, uhh, see you around, i guess.

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