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My first post on b3ta was crap, featuring Bodie, Doyle and Rumsfeld and can be found in its natural habitat in the archive. Well, we all started at some point, didn't we. The board moved a lot faster in the olden days ...
BTW: I'd like for more people to put their first posts in their profile.
Anyone? Bueller?

Here are some of my personal favourites that (strangely enough) never made it to the front page :)


From the "Wild West Web" Compo


From the "Everything is better with guns" Compo







Well, whatever.
But thank you for looking!


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Look, an erection!

Inspiration courtesy of the good Mr Smallbrainfield:)
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"Don't even bother trying"

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Last one for this compo (well ... maybe. But certainly today)

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Meet the Bunsens

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Halle Berry White

This competition is all wrong!
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Unbeknownst to the scientists aboard,
they had brought an additional "passenger" from that forgotten island.

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Little known facts of nature, Part I
Young nightingales that don't regularly practise singing,
will not get fed by their parents.

Woo - FP! Thank you, magic donkey!
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Run, Forrest, run!

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To make it clear: This is _not_ reality

Sorry, I turned out too drunk to animate...
If anyone wants to have a go at animating it: clicky for Fireworks-PNG

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Crap! I missed her 71st yesterday. But still:
Happy belated birthday, Liz!

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Not quite everybody loves ...

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