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A/S/L = 78/Female/Nursing home for the permanently bewildered.*

Mainly known for half animals which I didn't think up but I have done a heck of a lot of them and scantily clad invisible women (usually made from water) which I may have made up.

Here is where you can find my stuff if you are really that interested.

I tend to use =) far too much and refer to myself as nan-demo in lower case as it seems more modest and humble.

Now for some random stuff with BEARS!

*Might be a lie, might not be.

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and oh fudge it, have a chipmuck related repost.

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'Tis a Hedgehouse for those that are curious.
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I always knew he wanted to travel..
and foolishly I gave him the means.

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one out of five elephants love tennis

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Super Nun Fighter 2

Hyper Fighting Championship Edition Alpha Turbo Dash...etc
(Sun 20th Apr 2003, 22:19, More)

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Possibly not safe for work =)
Someone once made a wise crack at me so I replied "Have you ever been raped by a clown?" They of course replied "no, why?". This then gave me the chance to say "Because you wouldn't know funny if it got up and fucked you." Now, I'm sure I can't take credit for this wonderful put down but I can't for the life of me remember where I heard and none of my friends do. So if any one knows please let me know. =)
(Fri 30th Apr 2004, 17:14, More)