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The Tragic Roundabout - take a famous kids TV show and find the secret undercurrent of
depression. So what's it going to be? Henry's Serial Killer Cat? Or Ragdolls on
Crack? You surely can do better than us.

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My cat says hi.

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» DIY fashion

Need I say more?
These were just 3 weeks ago...

I gathered my pals together and Called it "The Gathering of Cats. I told people to arrive looking as they pleased.

{{GggrrrooWWll}} The one wearing the full on cat costume happened to have it lying around at the time. It was not rented. She likes to be a cat.

(That is me all the way to the left)

Yes, I chose the venue; a bowling alley.

Now that's what I call a nice piece of tail!

No where near Halloween, and the freaks took over the bowling alley.. They had no idea we were coming.. Caught a lot of stares.. And we all suck at bowling.
(Fri 25th Aug 2006, 23:50, More)

» My computer gave away my secrets

It's the truth!
Dont have to be worried about all the porn websites in my browser history, its all part of my job :)"

Me too! Research... I ..ah.. need to know things.. for my special job.

(Tue 14th Feb 2006, 22:32, More)

» Have you ever paid for sex?

I've paid for it ...
Years ago, I left college to get a full time job to support my now ex boyfriend's teetering business. I finally left that loser and swore never to sacrifice my future for a man again

Cut to a Year ago. I quit a fulltime job to move to the middle of nowhere with my fiance'. Took my car off the road to save on expenses. Then his job screws him over and he bails on me.

Now I am newly celibate by choice and I get paid to hear men's dirty secrets.

Bitter? Nah.. just put off a bit.
(Mon 23rd Jan 2006, 19:43, More)

» Shame

I am ashamed that for 3 months after my fiance decided to leave me, I still let him pop over for sex. I moved out and got my own place when we broke up.

Then he moved FAR away. Thank goodness!

Now I let a married man pop over for sex. I am shameful. But I really like him.
(Fri 2nd Dec 2005, 5:16, More)

» Misunderstood

Why oh Why??
(Fri 7th Oct 2005, 16:18, More)
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