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blah blah blah...

hubba bubba!

traps 4 tramps

Part 1 of a possible series...

If you liked that, you'll love the CD!

cleeeeeeek them for proper!
cleeeeeeek here for original...

The 1st International Air Pan Pipe contest was hotting up...

click eeet for beeeeger

as a boy his father had told him that music was for pansies...

...but Officer Logan still dreamt of leading the orchestra...
click it for bigger...

click here for large version...
and here for muzakal version


recent FP from an emergency profile...

"mummy can i play now?"...

and another...

click he go big beebop!

learning to fly... original static pic by currymonster

and some more blah at my place
and more at boom...

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pure filth!

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iraqemon! coming soon...

gotta catch 'em all!
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i think it's ticklish
friendly fire

spot the too oft used phrase...
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the charge of...

of the light brigade... (for kaiser)

(edit) clicky for even sillier musical version

xx hugo
(Sun 9th Mar 2003, 0:29, More)

sheepdog was often confused...

sheep 'n nasty...
(thanks rat.cafedark)
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drag racing

big baddum tshhhhhhhh
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it's fun to stay at the....

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arse! i think i used the wrong card...

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there is someone for everyone!

thanks to topulatis for the idea : )
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i hate it when that happens...

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donkey O'T

just loved tilting at windmills...
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jan van eyck - millenium edition

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his name is...

clicky for mini ani...
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it's up to you moo ork

start spreading the herd...
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it's a household implement of sorts?

(not sure on the SFWability of this)
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hound dogs

clicky to make biggy
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female or shemale

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the dairylea of ann frank

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the mating ritual is frightening!
(Sat 2nd Mar 2002, 7:10, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

a member for 9 years, 7 months and 7 days

My first b3ta post...

I'd met Rob and Cal through UK Bloggers c2000/01, so was vaguely aware of b3ta from it's inception or thereabouts.
I used to get the newsletter from quite early on, long before I actually realised there was a message board!

Anyway I decided to enter the challenge one particular week "Photoshop This Eye" - and started posting from there on in.
I pretty much learned on a ntk basis, and there's little that compares to the rush of a Front Page :)

A couple of months later I went to a b3ta bash where I met hugo_rune, we subsequently made lots of silly stuff on b3ta
and elsewhere, met many truly lovely and thoroughly barking b3tans and drank ludicrous amounts of booze.

Now we have 3 kids and live in Ireland. I'm so grateful to the internet that I am still in touch with quite a few people
from the olden days. We had all teh funs didn't we? :)
(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 22:34, More)