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People actually read these profile things? Cool. Hi. Make yourself at home.

I didn't touch the interweb for a few months so the storage thingy for my pics got deleted.

Have a new copy of the Thundercat Ho! pic for your troubles.

And this one:

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May have posted this before - can't remember.
Anyways, I've been trying to sort out moving to Exeter for two days, so I don't really care.

edit: I come back from work and find an FP. That magic donkey has damn fine taste :). Just hope my two Thundercat FPs don't get me typecast...
(Mon 15th Dec 2003, 1:01, More)

Enough room to...

Sure, it's probably been done, but I'm trying out one of them there 'spinny blurred background motion picture style things'.

Edit: Front page...oooh! I'd like to say hello to everyone who knows me. etc.
(Mon 5th May 2003, 18:36, More)



[edit: My first day, and my first front page. I'M KING OF THE WORLD!


(Mon 24th Mar 2003, 7:22, More)

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