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this is methis is my email
(although it does get spammed to hell and I don't check it very often)
i made this

Recent posts which should have been front page messages:

Necks vs Arms
the only person who needs that many necks
I think I just booked my ticket to Hindu Hell.
(Fri 27 Jun 2003, 0:32, More)

Nice evening for it...

(Sun 1st Jun 2003, 16:06, More)

Recent front page messages:

I'm sure I'm not the first

and I'm certain I won't be the last...
(Sun 8th Feb 2004, 21:01, More)


(Mon 22nd Dec 2003, 19:28, More)

This next one's called "Twang Went My Heartbreak"

(Tue 2nd Sep 2003, 2:08, More)

The years of touring
were really starting to show on Chris Martin.

(Sun 10th Aug 2003, 23:25, More)

weep... you're all too kind.
(Tue 5th Aug 2003, 15:04, More)

how do you do this hosting thing again?

(Fri 1st Aug 2003, 3:45, More)

The taranutang
was largely misunderstood.

Docile yet terrifying, all he really wanted was a hug.
(Mon 10th Mar 2003, 20:58, More)

although it was a difficult decision
the rebranding was over quite quickly...

(Thu 6th Mar 2003, 1:16, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Dad Jokes

my dad likes
the idea that all passwords come up as a line of stars. Cue "that's an easy password" hilarity all around.
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 18:34, More)