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Quick and dirty.
If you have a better caption let me know.

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(Thu 26th Jun 2014, 21:43, More)

I made this.

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be gentle.
(Tue 17th Apr 2012, 9:02, More)

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» Expensive Mistakes

Not me, but my great-grandfather...
... he used to meet up with his friend for breakfast in vienna.

one morning, the oj was off and he said to his mate: 'someone should do something about the juice, adolf!'

we are still paying for that one.

(Fri 26th Oct 2007, 14:47, More)

» Strict Parents

i'm not allowed to post. my mom won't let me. i'm 34.
(Sun 11th Mar 2007, 20:21, More)

» I'm an expert

i don't know...
... maybe i'm an expert in interface design...

                                                       ps: press here!
(Fri 24th Jun 2005, 19:57, More)

» Corporate Idiocy

I once paid cash at a GAP store or similar
And the retail drone held every note under his UV light to check if they were real.

So when he gave me my £15-ish change, I just bent over the counter and checked them as well.

If you don't trust me, I don't trust you. Simple.
(Mon 27th Feb 2012, 14:57, More)

» Conversation Killers

One of my mates...
... over the course of several weeks convinced one of his friends - who did not know me otherwise - that I had a 12 inch cock. Unbeknownst to me, and with the help of a few mates this bloke, Lars, was led to believe that I was more than well endowed.

Everyone was in on the joke apart from Lars - and me. They had told him how I had problems finding a girl that could 'cope' with me, how happy I was I finally found one - who albeit being petite - had a rather spacious receptacle... etc. You get the idea.

One night we all met up. I arrived at the pub and everyone - including Lars - was there.

I had no idea why everyone fell off his chair in the pub when - on asked where my girlfriend was - I innocently said she didn't want to come out as she had a sore throat.

BTW It's more like 4 really.
(Sat 14th May 2011, 10:54, More)
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