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Mr Round

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Bridge 28
Dunno if anybody will remember these but nevertheless:

27 previous episodes

I started this one months ago but I've just rebuilt my website so I thought I'd get it finished to celebrate :)
(Tue 18th Jan 2011, 9:56, More)

Bridge 23

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Ooh, thanks!
(Thu 1st Dec 2005, 10:47, More)

A short story
For part 2 (of 2) in my 1,000 post celebration, have a short story:

(Thu 24th Nov 2005, 10:38, More)

Bridge 22

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It's been a while. I've been a bit busy with a Banger Rally recently. Incidentally, if anyone's interested, I made a video of the trip here (24Mb, little bit of swearing).

- Blimey, thanks!
(Wed 12th Oct 2005, 10:42, More)

Mr Round

(Tue 2nd Aug 2005, 10:00, More)

Don't know what to say about this

Edit: I can't believe you're feeling sorry for a table.
(Thu 14th Apr 2005, 10:25, More)

Mr. Round

(Wed 6th Apr 2005, 10:55, More)


(Wed 16th Mar 2005, 10:58, More)

Bridge 15

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(Tue 15th Mar 2005, 10:44, More)

I'm so sorry

(Tue 1st Feb 2005, 11:44, More)

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