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A professional nerd who lives on a tiny rock. That'll do, draw your own conclusions ;)

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» Not Losing Your Virginity

Another of mine...
First year again but later on in the year. By this time I'd joined the Drama soc as an AV tech (been doing it for years, not an actor though!). We were in the union bar playing pool and joking about text message jokes (I did Comp Sci, go figure) when one, very cute, girl handed me her phone with the following written on it. She went back to playing pool while i tried to decipher it...


...in my slightly drunk state it took me a minute or two to make out what it said and when I did I gave her the phone back and said "hehe that's a good one" and promptly went off to the bar. When I got back she'd gone.

Once again, it too a while (the following day) for me to realise what she meant. I never did see her again, she left the Drama soc to "concentrate on her studies".

Just as well I wear big boots, I can kick myself VERY hard!!
(Sat 28th Oct 2006, 19:59, More)

» B3TA fixes the world

Global debt
Seeing as no one knows who everyone owes money to, and none of the debt is tanglible - it's just sat as a set of figuers in some double-entry (fnarr fnarr) digital ledger - let's just write it all off and start from scratch. A kind of ctrl-alt-del for the global economy, might be able to get it in just in time to stop it crashing like the virus-ridden Windows 95 box it's performing like!

Or you know, free kittens for everyone.
(Fri 23rd Sep 2011, 11:36, More)

» Little things that turn you on

I don't know why but I can get really turned on by my girlfiends knees. She'd kill me if she knew I wrote this!!
(Fri 18th Feb 2005, 18:36, More)

» Not Losing Your Virginity

Reading so many uni based stories reminded me....
It's Fresher's week and I'm in the bar on my randomly talking to people flitting from one group of people to another until I eventually go and join a group of Drama students. 3 guys and a girl called Amy (I think, I was a bit drunk). we get talking and after a bit she asks me if I want to come to a "party" in her room.

What was my reply? "No thanks, I've drunk enough tonight, ta taa"

It took me months to figure out what was on offer. More to follow...!
(Sat 28th Oct 2006, 19:54, More)

» Weird Traditions

My Dad and I
taking every opportunity to quote Knightmare quotes, especially "Ooooh, nasty". Once said that when we heard of a chap who went diving, head first, off the top of a local multi-storey car park. The looks from Mum certainly suggested she wasn't impressed!
(Fri 29th Jul 2005, 10:26, More)
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