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wearing the mask of the enlightened
i hear word that more furries have been dealt with
crucified if you will tied to the trunk of a carved palm
and planted solidly in the gobi desert
send the tigers i order ten starving tigers stolen
from the jungles of india
will be released upon the field of fur

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» Why I was late

At school
When I were but a lad, another lad called 'Meek' walked into class ten minutes late. "Where did you come from?" enquired the teacher crossly. "Didn't your mother ever tell you?" replied Meek wittily.

Oh, how the class laughed.
(Tue 3rd Jul 2007, 17:06, More)

» Injured Siblings

Too much violence
All this sibling combat. Hell, it's the mental stuff that really scars.

1) My younger brother, when he was 12 and I 15, tried to impress me by doing a series of drawings of spaceships. He spent days doing them. He left them with me for appraisal, and I wrote 'CRAP' across all of them in felt tip pen. Always was the crtic.

2) Similar age (I must have been going through a phase), parents were out. I went to the kitchen, discovered our cat had caught a rabbit and brought it in. Went back to the living room, asked my brother: 'hey, wanna see my pet rabbit?', to which he replied in the positive. So, I lead him into the kitchen to show him our cat, who had taken off the top/front of the rabbit's skull and was licking its exposed brain and eyeballs. He threw up. I laughed.

Ahh, fun times.
(Sat 20th Aug 2005, 18:51, More)

» Stupid Tourists

tourist, recently overheard at the Colosseum: 'huh, dunno what the fuss is, I seen bigger stadiums than this'.

Miss. The. Point.
(Thu 7th Jul 2005, 21:08, More)

» Injured Siblings

reme philips
Clever. Vladimir Levin would be proud.
(Sat 20th Aug 2005, 18:58, More)