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» World's Sickest Joke

May Have been done
What did the lepor say to the prostitute?

"You can keep the tip."

(Sun 12th Sep 2004, 17:54, More)

» Old People Talk Bollocks

Not exactly an old person
but ym mum is incredibly naive. To the point that she actually doesn't know the meanings of a lot of rude, common words. She didn't even know what "fornication" was.

So one day she is cooking some meat under the grill, and she doesn't want to undercook it because, "She has a fear of undercooked mea." when I asked her why she was so obsessive about making usre the meat's well done instead of saying "I have a fear of undercooked meat." she said "I have a fetish for cooked meat."

I had to explain what it actually meant.
(Thu 11th Mar 2004, 17:38, More)