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Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional

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(Thu 25th Jul 2002, 10:35, More)


Natcho is feasting on ROB!
(Thu 25th Apr 2002, 14:46, More)

What do you mean...
My knob is showing R2?

(Wed 20th Mar 2002, 7:52, More)

so whats he up to in the booth??

(Tue 12th Mar 2002, 9:13, More)

Whatcha think?

(Fri 8th Mar 2002, 8:12, More)

olympic mutant pussy munchin

(Thu 28th Feb 2002, 4:25, More)

It's as clean as i could make it!
Obviously i couldn't make it as clatty as i wanted (cant see searching google pics for Big knobs going down too well at work)

(Tue 26th Feb 2002, 4:38, More)

I prefer..
While i do enjoy that game, i do prefer all out racing

(Thu 21st Feb 2002, 4:40, More)

Bring back 50's B Movies

(Wed 20th Feb 2002, 5:16, More)

it was the cat!
Just for Pickledpizza, it's not the drugs!

(Fri 15th Feb 2002, 9:02, More)

I'll try again..
Geocities Suck..

(Wed 13th Feb 2002, 9:09, More)

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» Shit Stories

caught short
I remember being in a local shopping center in aberdeen and getting that "Twinge" in you guts that says run to the nearest toilet, dont ask why, just run!

So off i ran...

Got to the toilet, 2 cubicles.. 1 in use, the other free.. thank got i thought! Went in buckle undone.. then clocked an choked up toilet full of toilet roll. oh hell...

I hung in as long as i could, to see if the guy in the next cubicle was about to leave, he wasn't the get! so i just flush the loo i was in and let go! Hazar...

upon finishing..i went to wipe...3 sheets of paper left..so i had to carefully... and i mean CAREFULLY use them, but it wasn't enough.. then i heard the guy in the next cubicle flush....then wash his hands... upon hearing the main door shut, i opened my cubicle and ran to the next (trousers round ankels) and finished the clean up operation..
(Thu 6th May 2004, 10:51, More)

» Weddings

Sisters Wedding
3 years ago, my lil sis got married. Our dad had passed away a number of years ago, so i well chuffed to be giving her away.

So later on, after the evening guests had arrived, and the drink was flowing (scottish wedding, y'know), one of grooms relatives decided to have a go on of the ushers in the loo, and while mothing off at him nutted him. Luckaly he never hit the nose and it was just forheads that made contact. Needles to say, the usher didn't want to say anything to ruin my sisters big day... But we found out, queue me, my best mate and couple of others burly lads in kilts following the twat on his next trip to the toilet... ;-)

..needless to say he was very sorry and made his excuses and left..after his nose stopped bleeding..ahem..

the bride and groom have never heard about this incedent.
(Mon 18th Jul 2005, 12:57, More)

» Local Nutters

The Heather woman
Up in aberdeen there used to be this well know woman who was obviously homeless, who would go around offering you "Lucky Heather" (the the scottish flower, not a lucky woman called heather) anyway, she would hand it to you, and if you took it, she'd put her other hand out for money.. Now...and if you didn't give her money she'd start shouting at you and scream about putting a curse on you...mad as a hatter!
(Thu 16th Sep 2004, 12:14, More)