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» Clients Are Stupid

working as a manager in McDonalds
It was the Saturday before Christmas. It was lunch time. The store was packed with punters wanting their heart-attack just a little quicker.

All the tills had at least 1 pleb behind and I was managing all the till staff.

Some bint calls me over to complain about the bloke next to her getting served quicker than she did.

He ordered a big mac to go. She ordered food for 6 people, all of which wanted no pickle or extra mustard. Silly bitch.
(Wed 31st Dec 2003, 22:16, More)

» Beautiful Moments

Rock Climbing
Stepping out onto the nose of 'Catwalk' at Matlock bath one crsip spring morning. One of my first ever leads (no rope above me) and the climb involved a step out into a bulge half way up. Below my feet the rock vansihed leaving the river at the bottom of the valley, to either side was the cliff face curving further away into the distance and above me was a brilliant pale blue sky.

The fear of making the step out onto the nose being replaced with the sheer beauty in _every_ direction was an intense feeling.
(Fri 11th Mar 2005, 19:54, More)