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This is a question Beautiful Moments

The best night of my life was spent lying in the bottom of a boat, floating down a river low enough to be under the thin layer of mist gathering at about 3am such that it scudded between me and the stars.

Make us feel all warm and fluffy. Tell us about the most beautiful moments in your life so far.

(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 9:15)
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It was a beautiful, crisp morning in a camp-site near Rothbury, Northumberland.
I awoke to the sound of birds singing and the invigorating feeling of fresh air. I was soaking wet and my head hurt. Lots.

As my senses returned, I realised I was lying in some mud. I sat up and banged my head on a swing above me. My bruised and bloodied head.

It started coming back to me - the night in the camp-site bar, not knowing it was open until the last person left, we got hammered well before 11. Then leaving and finding the kiddies playground between the bar and our tent.
I remember trying to get the swing going standing-up, slipping off, hitting the ground and sitting up - just in time for the swing to come back down and twat me in the back of the head - then blackness.

I started thinking what sort of a friend would leave me out here, unconscious in the middle of a field. I turned around and there was my mate, face down on the round-a-bout (which was slowly rotating in the wind) with a lovely ring of vomit around it's circumference.
Ahh. That sort of friend.

I woke him up and only then did I look up to see that we were in the centre of a lovely family camp-site with just about every caravan having people nice and warm, eating breakfast watching us. (There was even a small group of curious children stood by us waiting to use the play-ground).

We started shuffling towards our tent (only about 30m from the bar... how did neither of us make it home?) only to hear a shout from one of the caravans. We went over and a nice lady said "We were wondering when you two might wake-up. We're making you a fried breakfast - have some coffee" and THAT was my beautiful moment.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 9:51, Reply)
I like this QOTW
best one yet!

Let me add my tale. The moment in question has about two years that prelude it; which we'll whizz through now.

I was working with a girl a few years older than me. Not exactly being sucessful with the ladies, I wrote off my chances which was the best move I ever made, as it made me relax around her.

We worked in a local shop, not exactly taxing or busy, so left us a lot of time to lark about and talk. Used to walk her home every night too, as she lived very close.

Anyway over the first year, we became closer. I wanted so badly to tell her how I felt, but couldn't handle the possibility of rejection. I also kinda knew that once I got with her, that'd be it, and my aspiriations of being some kind of stud would be gone forever.

Unfortunatly, I didn't have the choice. She got with another bloke from work, a complete twat. It all came out at the work Christmas party, and when I saw her put her arm around him in the way I wished she would to me, I could do nothing but run away and hide. (btw; I mean it literally...)

Cue about 9 months of working with them both. Him being a complete fool, I had to listen to how he mistreated her and took her for granted, the bastard.

I went back to uni and only worked weekends, thus seeing neither of them. About two months later, I ran into this girl as she was walking home from the pub alone. I gave her a lift, and we caught up. After I enquired as to how 'he' was, she told me they had broke up. I was so shocked I almost crashed the car, and was obviously trying to be sympathetic whilst hiding my glee!

When I got home she sent me a text, to say thanks, I didn't even know she had my number, so that was a pleasent suprise. Cue us keeping in touch more, with messages flying back and forwards many times each day.

And then the work Christmas Party comes around again. We all go, yet somehow I only remember talking to her the whole night. Being a gossiping crowd, they all start to say to me what a lovely couple we'd be as she went to the bar/toilet.

This carried on for a few hours, and at one moment, she went away and I was surrounded by my other colleges, practically bullying me to do something about it. She came back, and looked nervous, I imagine she had a similar lecture.

Slowly, we edged towards each other, smiling akwardly, but in silence. I tentativly started to outstretch an arm towards her, as if to put it around her waist. I think my heart was beating about three times its normal rate!

Before I knew what happened, she looked up at me in a way no one ever has before. No words were said, or necessary, she just wrapped her arms around me, and held me so tightly.

We just stood there, in the middle of some god-awful club in each others arms. I kissed her forehead and smelt her hair whilst stroking it, absolutly wonderful....

So dear reader, I expect you assume this was my most beautiful moment. Well, its defintly up there. But the one I had in mind happened about a month later.

We woke in each others arms one morning, in that warm, fuzzy glow you only get after sharing a single bed with someone else. Facing each other, both heads on the pillow, she looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes and said:

'I think I love you'

The first time anyone had ever said that to me, and without even thinking about it I spluttered out the same back to her. I then kissed her and held her so tightly, and we both started to cry!

Nothing will ever be topped by that moment, just thinking about it now makes me glow all over.

Thanks for sticking with this rather long story, I hope it was worth the read. Its nice to share such things with strangers....I suggest you all do the same.
(, Sat 12 Mar 2005, 17:11, Reply)
A fathers love
I'd never met my father. Grew up with mum and brother and pervert stepfather. All my life I wanted to know my dad - we were in touch with his family but he had no contact with us, his choice.
5 years ago, I contacted him through a family member, and we started emailing each other and talking on the phone and just building up a friendship. His son came over to California to visit me, which was awesome! I have a new brother!
Then what happened last year happened so quickly and unexpectedly that it still seems unreal.

My other half brother is a dancer with the Royal Ballet, and they were coming to Orange County to perform. 4th July, 2004, we met for the first time - very apprehensive as he was never to bothered about his newfound big sister ;) It went great, and I went to his show - twice. The following week, he was flying on to New York with the RB, and my dad and his wife were flying over from London to see him dance. My brother told me to call dad and ask if I could meet them in New York.
So on the Sunday, I called dad, he said yes and on the Thursday night I was on a plane, heading east, to fulfill all of my childhood dreams and fantasies.
We had a fantastic weekend in New York and on the last night dad and I went out for dinner - just the two of us. On the underground on the way back to our hotels, right before his stop he kissed me on the forehead and said "I'm proud to have a daughter like you". I sobbed as I watched his retreating back and realised that my life had changed completely. That was the best moment of my life. Ever. The one thing that I ever truly wanted more than anything.......the love of a father.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 18:29, Reply)
I had a shit after 3 weeks of chronic constipation.
I almost saw god.
(, Tue 15 Mar 2005, 19:49, Reply)
It was that favourite summer...
after A levels, before University, when I was truly care free. No deadlines, no hassles, just endless summer days.

At the end of the previous term I had finally plucked up the courage to ask out the girl I had become besotted with for the past 8 months.

We'd spent a wonderful day together, picnicing, listening to music, doing jobs for parents generally enjoying each others company. As was usual, we'd stayed up late snogging each others faces off and it was time for me to walk her the short journey home.

It was 1am. The air was humid. Full of the day's heat. When we arrived, we stopped just short of her house, underneath the street lamp, out of sight of her parents' window, we held each others hands and kissed each other goodnight.

Whilst we were kissing, the skies opened and it started to rain. The rain felt divine as it cooled our skin. We kept on kissing for a few more moments and then it happened. The most beautiful moment of my life.

I opened my eyes, a split second before my girlfriend did. And I saw the most beautiful image I had ever witnessed.

My girlfriend, her eyes closed, lips parted, raindrops beading on her face. All illuminated by the shimmering fluorescent light. It looked like something from a movie screen, except that it was better than a movie, because it was just for me and because it was real. And no one else would see the image I had seen, and no one else could experience what I had felt at that moment in time.

Then she opened her eyes, wished me goodnight, and ran inside from the rain.

And for the first and only time in my life, I wept tears of joy.
(, Mon 14 Mar 2005, 20:16, Reply)
Being constipated for a week...
...then being able to have a MASSIVE poo. I was so happy I nearly cried.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 13:03, Reply)
My perfect moment
was when I saw my homeworld from orbit for the first time.

Oh wait, that was Captain Picard.

My life is shit.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 12:46, Reply)
Bittersweet memories
My dear gran died 3 years ago, and being thousands of miles away I couldn't go back to the UK for the funeral.
Mum had already emailed me the funeral service and speeches that were happening.
On the morning of the funeral, I woke up at 3:am (bear in mind there's an 8 hour time difference!) and drove to Newport Beach Pier.

I had a blanket and candles, and some flowers to throw in the ocean. Because I had the funeral service schedule at hand, I was pretty much able to follow it - at one point a cop tried to kick me off the beach as it's closed at that time but he let me get on with what I was doing after I explained to him - anyway.

While my gran was being burned, I threw flowers into the ocean while watching the sunrise, and admired the seagulls. They were at the oceanline, and they suddenly flew off apart from one gull. He was sick and dying, and at the point in the funeral when gran was being cremated, the seagull was engulfed by the sea and carried off.

I maintain that to this day, that seagull was the spriit of my granny whom I loved dearly. She was letting me know she was still around.
That memory of watching the sunrise and a dying gull while mourning gran will always stay with me and I have not been back to that section of beach since.
(, Sat 12 Mar 2005, 8:37, Reply)
Fell asleep with a mate (Jason) in a field in Glyn Cerriog once. We were totally wankered, and it was a full moon: we'd been watching for shooting stars.
I woke up with a VERY wierd noise in my ear.
Snuffling around my semi-comatose self was a hedehog. With Jase still out cold, I picked up Mrs Tiggywinkle, (who showed her objection by curling up into an ikkle ball) and put her on Jase's chest.

I then sat back and waited. Jase screamed for two reasons. 1, when Mrs Tiggy woke up, she pottered aruond JAse's chest fora bit, then investigated his face. Just as Jase was becoming aware of a wierd animal walking all over him, Tiggy licked the inside of his nose! Then, 2, Jase tried to brush Tiggy off, adn got a little spike under his fingernail. The 'pain' and 'Horror' Screams Combined to make a rather funny squeal.
Beautiful moment.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 14:02, Reply)
Let's run
One sunny day, when I was about 8, I was walking back to our house from the village with my Dad.

"Let's run," he said. "Why?" "Because one day, we won't be able to."

We ran home for no reason.

Still clear as a bell after 30 years.
(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 13:06, Reply)
My last sunset with mom.
Shortly after my father died, my mother bought, remodeled and moved into a small house in the lower Kula region of Maui. I visited her there as often as I could in her later years, sometimes even managing three visits a year when finances allowed (I live about 5,000 miles away). It's surrounded by cabbage farms and has a low porch running along three sides of the dwelling. The small barn on the property has been turned into a garage with a compact living space set up in the rafters, making for a great way to visit the islands on the cheap: airfare plus about $60 a week for food and fuel makes visiting paradise easy on the wallet. Mornings there are wonderful, especially if I wake early enough to catch the mountain's shadow recede across the ocean and up the mountainside. However, it is the sunsets which are really what mom's place has been made for. Beachfront property might have all the sex appeal in the real estate market but the small group of islanders who live up on the slopes of Haleakala know where the real value is.

As the afternoon turned into evening my mother would sit near one corner of the porch gazing down the mountain towards the south coast of the island. As the sun approached the horizon it would become a bright red orb, casting washes of crimson light across the ocean and the central valley. If there were clouds in that direction, they would break up and scatter the sun's rays into shafts pointing into the darkening sky. Sometimes when the volcano had erupted on Hawai'i a particulate cloud would increase the density of the air around the islands, leading to an even darker red sunset. On evenings when there were numerous clouds above, the entire sky would be painted with a gorgeous palette of shifting red, pink, orange and purple hues. When the skies were clear there was just the sun and a long, glittering reflection across the water, making sparkles dance on the back of your eyes long after you had shut them against the pain of staring directly towards the spectacle. We would sit there as the cool air blew down from the upper slopes towards the sea and bask in the wonderful temperature differential as the warmth from the setting sun offset the cool, moist mountain air caressing our backs. For those who know when and how to look for it, as the sun's glowing orb disappears into the sea, for a moment the water's edge is lit up with a bright green glow: the legendary "green flash" of ocean sunsets. The show would continue for long minutes afterwards until we finally headed back inside her glass belted house, the better to keep looking outside from. It was moments like that which kept me coming back as often as I could during her final years of life.

Mother passed away in the spring of 2004. I rushed back as quickly as I could manage and arrived a few hours before final preparations had been made to take her to the crematorium. As the workers began to wheel her around the porch for her final journey down the mountain I noticed the sun had begun to set and asked them for one small indulgence. As the sun was beginning its descent into the horizon, we lowered the foot of the gurney, uncovered her head and let the warm red glow bathe her face one final time.

I never, ever questioned you when you said it, mom: you truly could not have picked a better place to die.

Thank you for your time.

p.s. My idiot brothers now want the estate company to sell the property as part of the settlement: all they can do is smell the money. I have no idea precisely how I can manage it but I am going to have that house for my own, regardless of their short sighted behavior. They can have their piles of money: I'll take the sunset.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 15:09, Reply)
what a relief
We camped out in the dessert one night. The sun was just rising, as I reached the summit of a large sand dune on the edge of the Great Thar dessert. The horizon was alive with an awesome show of pinks, yellows and orange. It took my breath away. Such a great view coudn't be missed and I spent a pleasent few minutes having the most satisfying turd in my life. It rolled away down the dune - which made watching the view all the better and nicer smelling.

Later on, as we were preparing to leave, I noticed some americans had stood in it. It's still the best shit I've ever had.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 4:31, Reply)
Stuck in traffic
needed a dump like you wouldn't belive, got home and had a poo that bought a strange sensation between pleasure and pain. Stood up to wipe and had one of those beautiful moments when you realise there is no poo, no skid marks and no need to wipe. Life is grand.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 19:12, Reply)
Sodomising my first toddler
Happy days
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 10:55, Reply)
First & Last
L was my first ever girlfriend, we went out for just over a year when we were 14/15yrs old and split up after school.

Fast forward 15years to last summer. We got back together again and everything is going great. Actually everything is going amazing!

One afternoon about 3 months after we started seeing each other again, we took her neices swimming down the local pool. At the end of the day I went off to have a shower and as I returned I saw her playing with her neices across the pool, tickling each other, laughing etc. I stopped dead in my tracks.

It was like I'd been struck by lightening, heart stopped beating, everything went quiet, I nearly cried.

I just knew at that point that my first ever girlfriend, now this woman 15 years later, was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and start a family with. It was the most amazing feeling of absolute love I've ever known.

We're getting married in August!
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 19:44, Reply)
Mine was
this time when me and my mates failed to come up with the amount needed to save our house from being repossessed and bulldozed by some evil local developers only for our hilariously Spanish cleaning lady to find enough pirate gems in my marble bag where I’d hidden them from the Fratelli crime family.
(, Tue 15 Mar 2005, 16:13, Reply)
Moonlight duel
Larp??? My Arse.
I do medieval battle re-enactment with authentic full plate and chainmail, swords etc, and have the scars and knackered fingers to prove it.

Teuksbury battlefield 1997 - the Friday night before the main battle, there were whispers going around the beer tent that there was going to be a duel for honor on the battlefield after midnight.

It turns out that my mentor and friend Paul had 'dishonoured' a member of another group by shagging his Mrs - and the wronged party wanted his honour back by beating the living shit out of Paul with something pointy.

It was a misty night, with a full moon, and me being on the wrong side of a bottle of Moniack mead and too many happy cigarettes staggers onto the field to see the sight of two very large re-enactors leathering each other with swords in the mist and moonlight. It was extremely surreal, out of time - and quite beautiful. Especially when they both bloodily agreed that the woman in question was a slag and that they both needed a beer....

Apologies for the length - but just feel the density...
(, Mon 14 Mar 2005, 12:44, Reply)
Zen turd
One of my most cherished memories is the last time I did a bowel movement that didn't need wiping - you know the type: a perfect torpedo-shaped stool that just glides out your rectum and slides into the pan without splashing. And then when you wipe there's nothing on the paper. What a satisfying feeling.
That was years ago. When I shit now it's like a firehose full of gravy with bits in.
(, Mon 14 Mar 2005, 5:38, Reply)
Baby cakes
2003. Going to visit my baby boy for the first time when he was 12 days old. I'd only found out a week before from the ex whose kid he was. Seeing his little pink face as he writhed about on a floor-mat blew my mind.

Of course, 1 year later the negative DNA test spoiled the memory somewhat.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 13:15, Reply)
my favorite day. by boabmaster, aged 6
i wented to zoo. i saw geeraf and donky and zbra and monky and snakeses. The monky did a poo and eated it like it was tea. Dad fell in the water. i had a chese burger and milk. It was good. tHat was favoritest day ever. till i got touched up by the guy in the reptile house toilets. mind you, i was wearing my short shorts and blue top. looking hot. brought it all on myself. tease.
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 10:59, Reply)
My best moment was finishing this scientist bloke but making
it look like suicide. I did such a good job, I was terrible pleased with myself.
(, Sun 13 Mar 2005, 18:31, Reply)
I feel I may weep with joy.
This is the best question in the history of qotw.

I had just left my wife (bad start, but stick with it) Just got back to my parents house and within a couple of hours had phoned and was meeting the most wonderful woman in the world. I had loved her from afar for ages, but being married, never did anything. She had felt the same way, but me being married, I was out of bounds. I phoned her for a shoulder to cry on so to speak as we were best mates and neither of us knew our love for each other. We met up that night and went for a walk round strathclyde park to talk. Just wee things started to click, then as we walked round the loch, started to hold hands. Then stopped and kissed. Everything in the world stopped. The moon was full. Nothing mattered any longer. The background noise faded away and I knew then that I had found true love and happyness. Two years later we are still as madly in love and sickening to watch. Everytime I see a full moon I think of the night I got together with the woman of my dreams and have a "moment"

Sorry for inducing vomit amongst you all, but after reading some of these I was compelled to reply.
(, Sat 12 Mar 2005, 21:30, Reply)
Going to sound odd this one
But my mother died when I was 16. Not a clean death either - cancer and operations; morphine-induced hallucinations and steadily watching one of my parents gradually eroded from within.

A steadily increasing morphine dose was keeping the pain away and my father and I understood she didn't have long to go. We stayed up to see it through.

My father fell asleep after promising me we'd take it in shifts. I saw her stop breathing at about twenty to four in the morning, and waited for several minutes before waking him.

The whole sorry conclusion of getting funeral directors to remove her and deal with the paperwork over, I walked out of the house at about 7am.

There was the most majestic sunrise I have ever seen that morning, utterly massive peaks of pinks and oranges. Dismiss it as coincidence, but I have never seen anything quite as spectacular as this one sunrise.

The memory of that sunrise has been with me over half my life.

(Edit) For a couple of more upbeat ones, there was being out of my mind on LSD during a thunderstorm, and also hearing Orbital play The Box live in Dublin in 2000.
(, Sat 12 Mar 2005, 21:16, Reply)
Baked, laid, baked
My then-girlfriend (who I was then madly in love with) and I got stoned one evening, had some mind-blowing sex, and then as we were hanging out in our underwear afterwards, we had that one-of-a-kind sugar craving that only comes after you have great sex while high. I don't remember what I was doing to keep myself occupied, but at one point I looked over into the kitchen, and saw her in her black lacy underwear, wearing a big red oven mitt, pulling a tray of oatmeal-cranberry cookies out of the oven.

I just about cried from happiness.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 18:37, Reply)
Sitting in Canada Square Park
Listening to the Glen Miller Band that was playing, sitting on a rug with a load of other people around all drinking wine and eating, everyone enjoying themselves and the summer sun glinting off the towers. Perfect.
Then he asked me to marry him. Awwwwwwww

Said no mind. total wanker.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 15:54, Reply)
Mono Sex
The day I realised that my piss stick was not just for pissing.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 15:37, Reply)
Lucky sod that I am
So many...

My children's births. Both were traumatic and magical - bit like being lovebombed during the Battle of the Somme. Also left me with even more respect for Mrs Calgacus and a permanently altered perspective of what's important.

Ballooning over the Massai Mara on honeymoon before settling down to a champagne breakfast on the savannah. Will never forget looking down on a giraffe galloping.

Walking across Washington Square Park in NYC in a sudden snowfall with my wife. Just a perfect moment.

Leaning out of a dorma window of a cottage on a crisp, sunny October morning in beautiful, beautiful Applecross, steam rising from the cup to meet my breath. Listening to the silence and gazing over Raasay to Skye.

Driving north from Embra after my finals for a weekend at Sandwood Bay - a mile long stretch of sandy heaven south of Cape Wrath. After months of stress, I drove for six hours listening to Bod Dylan and being blown away by the most beautiful scenery on God's green earth.

Am therefore a bit puzzled as to I'm so fecking pissed off. Must be my job, which has turned into a suckily sucktastic suckathon of ubersuckiness.

Length? Oh yeah. Apologies? Aye right...
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 12:08, Reply)
Hitching Around Europe - Long
Early 80's. I was travelling with an-ex-girlfriend who, though we had mutually decided not to be romantically involved, was still a really good friend and an occasional fuck-buddy.

We'd been bumming about Europe for about three months and we eventually ended up in Cannes. We'd been on the piss one night and ended up sleeping on the beach where most of the travellers and beach-bums slept. I woke up in the morning and felt dreadful. Sick, shaking, fever and honestly thought I was dying. I was throwing up for Britain. Massive rasping retches that brought tears to my eyes and bile into my mouth. I was dying.

The only thought in my head was that if I was going to die it wouldn't be in fucking France. I wanted to go home to Merrie England where I could turn up my tootsies amongst my own kind. So, saying goodbye to Sue (she'd hitched up with a Swiss bloke so she was OK) I headed off to try and get back to England before I gasped my last.

A lot of that journey has faded into the mists of memory but other parts are indelibly imprinted on my brain. I had fuck all money, no ticket for a plane, train or ferry. Nothing except my determination to get home. I made it to Marseilles (can't remember how) and headed for the train station. I spent that day jumping trains, getting asked for a ticket by the conductor and getting kicked off at the next stop. I remember sitting on one TGV in the bogs with my arse exploding down the bog and simultaneously throwing my guts up into the sink.( Top Tip: If you ever have the shits and vomiting the bogs in trains are a great place to be. You can squat on the pot and throw up down the sink at the same time). Eventually I was caught again and put off the train in Lyon. Looking at the departure board I could see that the next train in was an express to Paris. A direct train with no stops so when they threw me off again I'd be nearly home...

Then and announcement came over the tannoy. Of course it was in Frog so I didn't understand a word. A big groan came up from the crowd and everyone started drifting off. What the fuck was going on? I managed to collar a bloke who spoke some English and asked him to explain. The bastard French train drivers had pulled a lightening strike. No trains for 48 hours. I was gutted.

So off I went again, pausing every few yards to puke. Somehow I made it to the motorway and started to hitch North. After a few lifts I was eventually picked up by a Dutch guy. I was still pretty sick but not throwing up quite so much. After about half an hour the Dutch guy asked me if I smoked. "Yes" I said. "Weed?" he asked. "Sure” says me. So he passed me the makings and I skinned up. When I finished and sparked the joint up he looked at me and said "That took you 15 kilometres. You'll have to be faster than that or you're out..." And so passed a pleasant drive to Paris. At Paris I was dropped off at the Gard Du Nord and I jumped a train to the coast (these trains weren’t on strike ). Dieppe I think it was. I blagged my way on board the ferry by claiming I'd lost my ticket (they gave me a new one and said they'd send the bill on) and eventually the ferry set sail.

I was still very weak and still felt really ill but I was almost home. The feeling when the ferry docked in good old England and I disembarked and stood once more on the land of my fathers will stay with me forever. I was home. I could now lie down and die in peace.

Legless. - Apologies for length but you love it really.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 11:17, Reply)
soulmate Ex GF.
There are many beautiful mmoments. Here's the first.

My first true love...

We split due to distance. Neither of us had a car or the funds to visit each other.

The year after we split, I discovered "student Loans" and would have gone to visit her in an instant if only I had known that she wanted me to. She told me 4 years too late.

People change, time moves on, and the world keeps on spinning. Here's that magic moment in time:

She lived in Channel Islands, I lived in Shropshire. Our lives at different schools in the lake district touched briefly, and we vowed to make sure they touched more often. I was 18, she was 17.

She rode a horse, I rode a bike. We arranged a meeting somewhere on teh big road between our two schools... It was bloody freezing, and we were both so nervous and excited that we rode right past each other TWICE and didn't say a word.
The next meeting was more successful, and it became the start of a great partnership.
We had undisturbed afternoons of bliss, and rode over fell and dale together. It was a partnership of mutual escapement.

One particular summer afternoon before we were even officially a couple, we stopped on the banks of the River Lune, surrounded by nothing but hills and open fields. We tethered her horse to a horse-chesnut tree, and spent the afternoon rolling on the riverbank, and giggling as we stuffed each other's clothes with grass.

We fell asleep in each other's arms to the sound of the river happily gurgling, and bees buzzing around the flowers.
In a world of exams and school, I'd found true happyness with this lass.
It's a memory that will never ever leave me: warm sun, her head on my chest, and the smell of fresh grass.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2005, 11:06, Reply)
Last summer
At a mates house, for drunken shindigs and such like. Usual goin on, only this was a really close group of mates, and we were all goin off to uni after the hols so were making the most of being within piss-up distance.

Anyways, Coysh the dude who's house it was got his guitar out and stated playing some "Perfect Circle" stuff. Now this guy can seriously play. gradually moves to his other fav group, the gods that are Radiohead.
I hears the opening chords of "Creep", and bein a bit of a singerer myself started singin along.

Hectic drunken party suddenly becomes sober and everyone stopped talkin and just listened, no-one asked them to, they just did.
Song was flawless and it was about 7pm so the dusk light was coming in the window. F'ing beautiful

He committed suicide less than a month later. So that is my lasting memory of him- couldnt ask for a better one.
I neglected to mention that the muppet was wearing his PVC nurses outfit as he played

Coysh, you were, are, and will remain a complete d00d

That song is awesome
(, Wed 16 Mar 2005, 20:42, Reply)

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