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Amerib3tan reference list which is no longer accurate:

Kentucky: Teresa
Missouri: the three chickens wrench sauce
Boston: sosumi, mcscruff, yakmonkey, weinbot,froopyscot
Philadelphia: evs, OrIsIt, iDouche(but Seattle currently), b3di, Armer Farmer
Detroit: imgoofedup
Minneapolis: KittyMeowMeow
Newark, DE (near Philly): KnitWit
California: M3Essential, Scoopzilla (southern), Kimbo (southern), Cheril (southern), Workboresme, slof, Sophie the Viking
Upstate NY (Binghamton): FreyaMoonValkrieGoddess
NYC: vrlaura, Sea Urchin Ceviche
Pullman, WA: molvik
Idaho: Foofbunny
Oregon: Propaganda Monkey
Ohio: cwethan
Tennessee: Turkey gobble gobble/am3rabash
Indiana: cheeseballs, Hobbes
New Hampshire: Rentasmo
Virginia: Yvette, Cromagnon
Seattle: Agdymahoozle
Connecticut: norumbegan
Chicago: Artamnesia
Massachusetts: Carl.The.Capybara
London, Ontario: Pixel Masher
Boston/U Michigan: TheFelineAnarchist
Chapel Hill, NC: rednc
Rochester, NY: id10ts
North Carolina: Geoff is and old, old man; Syncubus
Canada: rawr
Texas: Barney, klimdeeni
Pittsburgh: Melba Toast (but from CT)
Florida: tookishlad
misc American currently in Germany: Zog

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(Tue 5th Aug 2003, 23:49, More)

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» Lies Your Parents Told You

not a lie persay...
we used to play "the quiet game" during car rides, the goal of which was to see which child could be quiet for the longest time. Being very competitive children, this worked for many years.
(Wed 14th Jan 2004, 18:27, More)

» Pet Names

my sister and I once named a small black cat 'Karma'
so that when it inevitably got into trouble, we had an excuse to say "bad Karma!"
I make no excuses...
(Wed 25th Feb 2004, 19:58, More)

» Dad Jokes

whenever I mention that "we" are doing something
he replies, "what's this 'we' business? you got a mouse in your pocket?"
but he's otherwise got a great and abnormal sense of humor :)
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 5:32, More)

» Singing the wrong words

family classic
elton john's "tiny dancer" is hilarious if you sing either:
"hold me close and tie me down, sir"
"hold me closer, tony danza"*

*may only be funny if you're American
(Fri 28th Jan 2005, 0:23, More)