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Multimedia Prince, Helicopter Pilot and Hairdresser to the Stars

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dos't tha want owt from't shops luv?

eeee, in't it cold furt time o't year?
(Fri 4th Oct 2002, 14:02, More)

the kids loved it when granny came round

(Thu 3rd Oct 2002, 16:52, More)

don't worry

we're safe from those nasty b3tans now.

(Fri 20th Sep 2002, 13:04, More)

keep safe - there's foreigners everywhere

and some of them are probably gay too....
(Wed 7th Aug 2002, 12:24, More)

fashions quickly change in the miniture animal market

(Tue 30th Jul 2002, 9:20, More)

let's offroad!

(Thu 18th Jul 2002, 13:02, More)

it's george's birthday!

(Wed 3rd Jul 2002, 13:21, More)

ann widdecombe...

..was a regular sight at the summer festivals skinning up for those to monged to do it themselves.
(Tue 25th Jun 2002, 14:40, More)

wafer thin slices of cuteness

(Tue 11th Jun 2002, 16:12, More)

in reply to an earlier request

(Fri 10th May 2002, 12:38, More)

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» Job Interviews

my first interview after university (I got a desmond tutu in furniture design) was for a teen web portal called something like worldplop.com. they wanted designers who could also be online video jockies or some such bollocks. drove from manchester to bath at great speed, got changed in the car park and arrived at the door on time to the exact minute.

"where do you see yourself in five years?"

"i want to spread peace and love around the world using only a banjo."

got the job a week later.
(Tue 25th Jan 2005, 20:49, More)