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I'm 18, male, and live in toronto.
I explore the sewers for fun.
add me at wmcheesemaster at hotmail dot com

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» Shit Stories

My cat once ate
a 6 foot-long piece of red and green string, which it couldn't completely crap out. There i was, sitting in my living room, and my cat comes running through with about 5 feet of it trailing from its ass.
Considering it was around christmas, she looked rather festive.
(Wed 5th May 2004, 22:52, More)

» Lies Your Parents Told You

When I was little
my uncle told me that during ww2 he flew around in a giant meatball bombing Italy. The italians would all be drawn out from their houses shouting "Mamma mia, look at the giant meatball!", making it easier to bomb them.

He was quite mad.
(Wed 14th Jan 2004, 20:52, More)

» Weird Traditions

my cat
whenever i see my cat come into the room, i get up and put my foot between her two back legs and push her around like a wheelbarrow.
(Fri 29th Jul 2005, 7:21, More)

» Things you've done when you've had no money.

Got stuck downtown one day without any money
for the subway. I had decided chocolate was more important than transportation home, so i had to find some way to get $5 fast. So i dirtied my face a little and sat outside the subway station with hat in hand begging. I had made $11.50 within 5 minutes, so i decided to keep it up for a while longer until the real homeless guys started massing across the street whispering to each other and pointing at me.
Made it home on time and bought a toblerone.
(Sun 10th Oct 2004, 23:51, More)

» Your Revenge Stories

Manager of a Radioshack near my house
is a real asshat, following me around the store and telling me and friends not to touch anything.
Decided to set the Internet Explorer homepage on all the computers in the store to Tubgirl.
After it was done, i attempted to calmly walk out of the store without laughing as a mom with her 3 ten year old kids runs in and starts playing on those same computers.
(Sat 15th May 2004, 7:13, More)
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