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ummm...not much to say really

- 19
- Floppy purple hair - in the style of Gerard Way...
- If you really must e-mail/msn me try Hanah_lewis(curly a)hotmail(spot)com
- I like Green Day.

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» DIY fashion

I own a pair of
Pink, purple, black and Glow in the dark camo print combats...if anyone knows where I would be camoflagued wearing those, let me know.

I also own a pair of brown pinstripe trousers which I have been known to wear with my black converse...thus looking startling like Dr Who...not really a good look.
(Thu 24th Aug 2006, 20:43, More)

» Impromptu Games You Play

A good game
me and my mates play is called "lets wind up Tourists"

it involves standing outside famous and popular tourist attractions for example Windsor Castle and then wait for a tourist to walk past (Americans are best) and say very loudly and slowly "excuse me, could you tell me where is please?"

then wait for their reply
(Mon 29th Mar 2004, 17:07, More)

» Rock and Roll Stories

I had a marshmallow fight with Darius and Daniel Bedingfield...
my mate's mum got us into the audience for The Saturday Show...we got bored listening to S Club Juniors...so a whole load of us had a marshmallow fight with them. The continuity lady got all stressed because "people will notice the marshmallows missing from the bowls!"

Also I'm in Bullet in a Bible (Green Day DVD of Milton Keynes) at some point looking really pissed off because some knob jockey elbowed me in the face so his kid had enough room in the front. And I met McFly by the loos...
(Fri 30th Jun 2006, 12:05, More)

» On the stage

Year 9
It was decided we'd do Andorra - an interesting thing about the war...
I don't think much more could have gone wrong...
1) We sold 15 tickets for two nights. thats 8 people the first night and 7 the next. All friends and relations only there through guilt.
2) First night, one of my mates has a nose bleed just before she's about to go on - cue director rushing about acting like she's dying and someone else going on in her place with the script.
3) The one person that HAD to do their line for te scene to make sense didn't come on either time, so we had to ad lib the entire scene outside a pub...five minutes of "Lovely weather..." and a rant about how if you're in a pub you should order a proper drink not water.
4) Someone decided silk would make an excellent blindfold...except it got cut too small to be tyed round our heads, so we had to use it like hoods - but it slips...we spent the entire scene fighting with these things and pretending to be terrified while we were in hysterical laughter...

Oh - and one of the techies was up the on the tower fixing the lights and someone decided to turn the one he was working on on - cue a trip to hospital and a second degree burn on his lower jaw...
(Fri 2nd Dec 2005, 13:36, More)

» Posh

My Great nan was supposed to go first class on the Titanic
then she didn't cos she didn't feel like it or something.
(Mon 19th Sep 2005, 23:06, More)
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