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30 yr old male man.

i done entered the e4 stings compo. perhaps if you are very nice and not too busy you might like to watch it and vote 'yay'

click to go to e4 and watch sheeps being violated by ufos

t-shirts of joy at

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lets face it. charles clarke is offensive to look at. lets make him a little cuter. i'll pay for the surgery

i await word from your agent, mr clarke, i know we can work together.
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gah! dear god! why are you doing this to me?

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» DIY Techno-hacks

when i was 10 i desperately wanted a tv in my own room but was not allowed by my parents.
however there was an old black and white set in the spare room connected to a very old Acorn Electron as the monitor, which i decided to have.

My cunning plan had 2 parts. First of all i started putting a small sheet over the set, complaining that i was sick of the dust settling on the screen between uses.

A week or so later, i swapped the TV for a large shoebox and a four litre ice cream tub.

my wardrobe at the time had shelves inside at one end. In one of those i subtly taped together a collection of junk with a duct tape hinge at the bottom at the edge of the shelf so it could be hinged up or down. The TV went behind this. The rabbit ears were on top of the wardrobe behind other crap, connected with a thin wire. a piece of string connected the taped crap to a tiny curtain in front of the TV.

If i heard my parents approaching i could flip the fake pile of junk up on it's hinge, lowering the curtains, hiding the TV and looking like a perfectly normal shelf of crap.

It was genius, pure bond secret agent hiding place.

Eventually after several months, my dad wanted to use the computer and discovered that the computer monitor consisted of 2 boxes under a sheet and forced me to 'fess up.

I didn't really get in trouble as i think the ingenuity impressed him more (he's an engineer)

I did have to give the TV back though :(
(Tue 25th Aug 2009, 18:17, More)

» Spoooky Coincidence

viewed from the surface of the earth
the moon is exactly the same size as the sun.

which is why we get the cool halo effect during an eclipse when we see the solar flames and that, but not the sun.

this is the only place in the known universe this phenomenon occurs.

i take this as proof of the existence of gods, aliens, ghosts and bottle-nosed-snarly-bleeps.
(Thu 8th Feb 2007, 23:29, More)

» The Dark

i am ninja
a giant mouse sized moth was flying round my room one night a few years ago. I know this becasue I woke to find i had smashed it into the wall with the palm of my hand in the pitch black.
(Fri 24th Jul 2009, 14:09, More)

» Cheap Tat

i bought my sister the best pound shop tat ever for christmas (yes i got her other stuff too)
a tiny plastic George Bush caricature sits a top a small battery powered tank and chases an equally tiny Bin laden about on a sort of scalextric track.

on the box it's labeled 'Super Fun Child's Thing' i kid you not.
(Sun 6th Jan 2008, 18:22, More)

» Fire!

not 2 days ago
i met a friend's boyfriend, who managed to set fire to the flowers he had brought on a candle and had to stamp them out on the floor. best Cluesoesque entrance ever.
(Thu 3rd Nov 2005, 9:35, More)
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