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Get off my land.

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» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Once on a medical work experience thing
my group was being shown about autopsy procedure, Our cadaver for the day was a young lad in an orange anorak that had died after being hit by a car or something of that ilk. Sadly my mouth opened and the words "Oh my god, they killed Kenny" slipped out. Silence and lots of glaring at me. Straight to hell then?
(Wed 21st Apr 2004, 22:40, More)

» When I met the parents

My meeting of the parents.
One of my ex's had the craziest "parents" I've ever met. Her mum an ex-biker turned hippy and step-dad still a biker. After spending a night on the town with said ex she insisted that we stop at her house. This just had one problem I had yet to meet the parents. The meeting started so well, I was sober enough to smile politely and nod in an interested manner until the conversation was drawing to a close when her step dad blurts out "Well I guess you'll be wanting to get her to bed and fuck her ragged. Don't look so shocked I know what people your age get up to. ". Her mother had to add "Yeah, we were young once."
(Tue 24th May 2005, 21:15, More)

» Weddings

I forgot to mention......
There was this wedding that I got to go to where someone married one of the inmates/residents of Botton. A lovely Sunday afternoon in a social club in Whitby where most of Botton Village turned out. Highlight of the event would have to be when they started playing "How much is that Doggy in the window.". Whenever the line "the one with the waggly tail" was played one of the wedding guests would flop out his cock and waggle it around.
(Fri 15th Jul 2005, 17:06, More)

» Have you ever been dumped in a spectacular way?

I have a mate
who was dumped in a remarkable way (not quite spectacular but getting there). He was out but his mum let the girlfriend in to wait for him. Because he did not come home that day she got a full stack of post-it notes off his desk and wrote "You're dumped" on every one. She then stuck one on each item in his room and set off on her merry way. They remained up for at least a week.
(Thu 17th Jun 2004, 17:23, More)

» Lies Your Parents Told You

My parents told me they loved me
but i knew better.
(Wed 14th Jan 2004, 18:51, More)
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