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Okay, so the mouse wasn't working...

so how about a rhino on a spacehopper?
Do i know politics or what?
(Thu 13th Nov 2003, 23:57, More)

Sure we have a deficit...

...but look, a jumping mouse!
Cool huh?
(Thu 13th Nov 2003, 22:03, More)


(Wed 16th Jul 2003, 18:55, More)

my turn next.

(Sun 22nd Jun 2003, 1:32, More)

This week

I will mainly be doing hulk related things.
(Thu 19th Jun 2003, 0:27, More)

"Hulk want quiet beer"

Hulk not care he spidermans "best mate"

flash version - here
(Tue 17th Jun 2003, 0:29, More)

Monkey £1

(Mon 5th May 2003, 0:17, More)

i love the smell of gherkins in the morning.

(Wed 9th Apr 2003, 12:04, More)


(Thu 13th Mar 2003, 0:17, More)

but like, hundreds...

(Thu 6th Mar 2003, 23:41, More)

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