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Fairly new around here, and am slowly teaching myself to use tattychop. I'd like to learn flash as well, but it all seems so scary and confusing.

Have some giraffage.

Most of my other stuff is lurking on here.

Feel free to message or email me at blokey35 at hotmail dot com should you have any guesses as to who this is meant to be. But i bet you'll be wrong.

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The man in the dirty mac who discovered America.

(Sun 14th Sep 2003, 21:14, More)

Dave the skywriter was a troubled man indeed.

(Sat 13th Sep 2003, 18:33, More)

Gender specific rulers...

Urm... not that i'd need one. Ahem.

Edit - Woo! Front page! Hurrah and huzzah! Thankyou!!
(Mon 11th Aug 2003, 15:55, More)

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