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Hey everyone! I have a BRAND NEW BLOG! It's all about Hit TV Shows! You should totally check it out here;



If you want to send me a picture you drew of your favourite Hit TV Show, I will review that show for you! As long as it wasn't written by Joss Whedon. Unless it is the couple of episodes of The Hit TV Show Roseanne, which Joss Whedon wrote.

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It turns out it was just a lunch order...

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It's funny because fast food is bad for your health! LOLS!

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We really are a bunch of pessimistic cunts....

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Best answers to questions:

» I witnessed a crime

My Dad
When I was a lot younger, maybe 6 or 7, we were going to McDonalds to get some grub on a Saturday night. We pulled up over the road and got out just as a group of blokes started kicking this young fellas head in. Luckily there was a Police Station over the road which my dad ran us over to immediately. It all would have been dealt with a lot quicker if my old man wasnt such a well spoken arse.

Dad: (To the desk sergeant) There's an altercation occuring over the road.
Desk Sergeant: A what sir?
Dad: An altercation. It looks rather sickening and my kids are rather shaken up. Could you please go and sort it out?
Desk Sergeant: Im sorry sir, I still dont know what you mean.
Dad: An altercation Officer.
*Officer phones to the back of the station and requests someone to come and look*
The other Policeman came out and went with my father to see what was happening. He belts back in straight away and shouts
"Phil, there's a bloke getting his bloody head kicked in over the road by 4 blokes! Get a couple of others!"

My twat of a Dad Ladies and Gentlemen :)
(Thu 14th Feb 2008, 13:01, More)

» Your first cigarette

I can still remember the date.
It was May 26th 1995. I will always remember it as it was the day after a major car crash round the corner from my house in which 6 teenagers were killed. Christopher Peacock from London Tonight was doing a report when me and a friend were walking up to the shop to get some sweets. One our way we found an unopened packet of cigarettes on the floor, Silk Cuts they were!

We pocketed them and went to the woods that afternoon where we proceeded to smoke all of them between us. We were very very ill.

It was only a few years later, when I remembered this that it dawned on me that the cigarettes were so close to the car, and so covered in dirt, that it is entirely possible that they came from the wreckage of the vehicle. It still slightly disturbs me to this day....
(Wed 19th Mar 2008, 19:29, More)

» Bastard Colleagues

I used to work with a fella
who walked around thinking he was the cleverest bastard to ever grace this planet. In fact there were 2 of them over the years.

Both of them ended up taking IQ tests within the department that we all did. Both came at the bottom, both around 90 IQ scores. Laugh? I nearly shat!

The best thing though was when one of them turned round and said it was unfair as it wasnt in his native language! The twatbag was from Scotland :)
(Thu 24th Jan 2008, 15:35, More)

» Mix Tapes

Im sure Im not the only idiot to do this
but I was making someone a mix cd once on my computer for the above named reason, and I accidnetally got it mixed up with another CD I had made. Unfortunately the other one was full of porn that I was taking off my computer to free up space. Since that day I have never not labelled a CD with something on it.
(Thu 7th Feb 2008, 19:17, More)

» My first love

Mt first love was a girl called
Charlotte in primary school. We got married inthe playground one Monday Lunchtime, I had eaten Fish Rolls and Chips for lunch with Apple Salad and Mayo-Ketchup Past salad too.

It was a beautiful ceremony conducted by my best friend Danny.

All started well, we even held hands once.

But then it all turned sour on the Thursday. The silly woman beat me on the spelling test! And then the Maths Test! So I dumped her and the next week I married her best friend!

Those were the days!
(Thu 20th Oct 2005, 11:25, More)
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