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I'm a long-haired beardy-wierdy from Guernsey, and I do computers and stuff for a living. How dull. I ought to pretend I put out oil-rig fires or rescue kittens or somesuch. I wish I'd thought of that first.

Right then, here are some Potatopainted pics:

Sick & Evil

With apologies to the Two Ronnies
Sick and Evil
In response to http://b3ta.com/board/1815595, by Ugly. Stick Figure Ninja's random outburst told me what their names were.

Chess Klan

Chess Klan
For the Shop The Klan compo.
Of course the instructions for it said to Photoshop the Klan, and I used Corel Potatopaint. Oh well.


First Day of Sound Bats! American Punos Issue!

It's my Googlist perspective, see?
N3d was too short, so I went for n3d and st4, 'cos n3dst4 is my handle elsewhere.
The source images were this and this.

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