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'Image Processor' till September, rambling, plays with Photoshop and Illustrator too much and pisses about in ImageReady. Now has finally put up an archive of past stuff here. Heres a few other bits:

Argh! The fear! Etc!

New superweapons program has unexpected side-effects:

Apologies to Joel

The idea was in my head for ages...

Behold, our mighty leader:

I just managed to take this photo before it drifted off...

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He likes being helpful...
(Thu 4th Mar 2004, 19:16, More)

It wasn't easy for the Giant Frewt...

...as well as being a strange off-red, he had to contend with those two laughing at him, because he couldn't play his most treasured possession.

EDIT: My first FP! Thank you, thank you all!
(Sat 3rd Jan 2004, 17:48, More)

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