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i don't have an xbox live gold account, but add me anyway and you'll get my handsome avatar in your line-up!


an rhcpoem by aardvark, cracking guy that he is:
"Paul is strong with luscious hair
He'll pick you up without a care
But when he's followed age's path
Who'll help the big guy out the bath?"

hey, im an student at de montfort uni in leicester. any of the rest of you go there? hobo IT spod at a local college bum employed homeowner!


Fight Me!

Thanks Red Rocket.


my first(and last) ever photoshop!

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» Worst Record Ever

Limp Bizkit - aaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!
everything in their whole back catalogue should be splintered into shards and each shard poked into the erstwhil mr durst's throat but this one takes the biscui... hmm almost made a hideous pun... takes the cake. its just plain rubbish, all the rhymes are so basic and there is no substance to it whatsoever. also the official 'dance' is just a load of hot girls (albeit ones dressed like fred himself) doing their best to look like monkeys. i hate it - end of story
(Wed 3rd Dec 2003, 15:27, More)

» Breasts

y'know when you hold a woman's breast,
and it's like... it's like a bag... of sand?
(Thu 6th May 2010, 14:01, More)

» Where is the strangest place you have slept?

woah, a QotW that i actually have an anecdote for
the strangest place i have ever slept?
the millenium dome. fo' real.
and i dont mean i fell asleep in that relaxation room thing either, this was after it closed. i slept there for 2 nights in a row, in a sleeping bag on the concrete floor with thousands of peaceniks and hippys (sharing the dome, not a sleeping bag).
i went to the ESF (european social forum) with some politically minded housemates of mine. it was over a whole weekend and the choice was: pay for a hotel in london, or sleep in the dome! so i did. yay me
(Sat 30th Dec 2006, 20:13, More)

» Singing the wrong words

papa dont preach?
nah mate,
its poppadom street

makes all kinds of sense
(Thu 27th Jan 2005, 20:46, More)

» Useless Information

i never thought id have another chance to share this with people

did you know... that st. johns wood is the only station on the london underground that shares no letters of its name with the word mackeral?
(Wed 23rd Mar 2005, 15:39, More)
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