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» My Greatest Regrets

Only just found out I regret them
Shagging Beth in 8th grade
Shagging Michelle in 9th grade
Shagging Tiffany in 10th grade
Shagging Tiffany AND Michelle, at the same time, in 11th grade
Shagging Sheryl in 11th grade, even though I knew she had a boyfriend.
Shagging Jennifer in 12th grade
Shagging Melinda in 1st year of college
Shagging Dawn in 2nd year of college
Shagging a different Melinda in 3rd year of college
Shagging Glade in 4th year of college

Had thought I was pretty happy about all of that, but after reading Setimret's post, I feel a bit of a cunt now. Sorry dude.
(Tue 10th Oct 2006, 13:05, More)

» Road Rage

Not a road rage incident....
...but something that has always caused a certain amount of rage.

Cars with green L or green P signs. Forget which it is right now, dementia kicking in as I'm approaching 30.

Why? Either you can drive, or you can't. If the test is so crappy that people who are told "here you go, you can now drive a massive potential deathtrap with almost no monitoring at all" and yet they need some kind of symbol that they're still shit, then there's a fundamental flaw with the system.

You wouldn't feel happy about seeing a surgeon with one on his jacket, or a pilot with one on his plane, so why do we allow people to take such a cursory test where they back round a corner, read a number plate from a foot and a half away, to be in charge of something that costs a staggering number of lives in this country.

(Mon 16th Oct 2006, 16:50, More)

» The passive-aggressive guilt trip

My mother is a killer with it.
She rang me over and over again at work one day (we're not allowed to take mobile calls during the day, or even theoretically allowed to have our mobiles on, yeah right). SO eventually, after about 8 calls, I finally slink out and pick up with the opening line of
"What the hell are you doing? You know I'm not allowed to use my mobile at work, you could have gotten me sacked!"

Kills me stone dead with "Sorry, but I'm about to go in for that operation I told you about, and I wanted just to speak to you before hand, you know, just in case"


*Is a bad son*
(Thu 13th Oct 2005, 15:33, More)

» Guilty Pleasures, part 2

Guilty? Pfft!
I do many of the things people have listed on here, but I don't feel guilty about them, and I suspect none of you do either!
(Fri 14th Mar 2008, 11:34, More)