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General Layabout and Time Waster....

Loitering around in the years in teh middle of teh 30 range... and dwelling in teh Metropolis that is Leeds at teh mo...

More pictures coming here... soon.. well soonish... well as soon as I can be arsed anyway...

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Helllooo Girls.....
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no more fucking excuses eh... lets just do it this time!
(Wed 6th Jul 2005, 23:37, More)

Tis quiet aint it...
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woot FP'd.. fanks
(Tue 28th Jun 2005, 7:58, More)

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» Breakin' The Law

One of the few times..
... I've had a run in with the law (honest) was when I was pulled up by the only Jaguar police car in teh whole of County Durham I think. There I was in my W Reg Fiesta, the bonnet tied down with a washing line, one widow that would neither close nor open ( and as such 3 foot of snow in the passenger well), a huge dent along the driver side and a brown peeling canvas effect roof over the phlegm green metal.

"This your car son?" says the plod

"Yes" I reply in my late teens afraid of the police kind of way

"Never mind mate, theres time... " Plod wanders off...

(Thu 8th Jan 2004, 16:18, More)

» Rock and Roll Stories

Road Crew
More of an Anti-Rock n Roll story really.
Was part of a local crew around the Newcastle area that acted as extra Roadies for groups that came to the North East.

We got a job to go and do our job with one of my all time Rock Gods Metallica. Up at 5am and working though to 7pm fitting stages, testing lights etc, too knackered to watch the gig I went and found a quiet hole to sleep in till I was needed again. Sure enough the time came, and we went to collect the wardrobes from Metallicas dressing room. Expecting to find naked nymphettes hanging from teh rafters like some kind of perverse decoration we were greeted with Metallica in full cowboy suits sitting with thier wives drinking tea, that night Rock and Roll died for me
(Sun 2nd Jul 2006, 21:30, More)

» Obscure Memorabilia

A Metallica Local Crew T-Shirt..
Got when I was part of a local crew around the NE for Gigs, at teh tiem a huge fan of Metallica, not so much now but hey the story still comes out... as it did this very weekend.

*Note am now 35 and got said TShirt 13 years ago
(Sun 7th Nov 2004, 11:18, More)