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Four-sprung Duck Techique

I'm very sorry
(Mon 12th May 2003, 23:25, More)

after he defeated all the monsters in japan...

...the later movies just weren't as exciting.
(Wed 30th Apr 2003, 10:25, More)

I haven't done one of these before

(Thu 27th Mar 2003, 21:26, More)

(Tue 25th Mar 2003, 20:52, More)

This is Boris
He's very resourceful.

(Fri 21st Mar 2003, 10:02, More)

I don't know what he's singing.

(Sat 15th Mar 2003, 1:04, More)

a robot on a spacehopper...
why not?

(Sat 1st Mar 2003, 14:05, More)

The Facts:
following on from yesterday's post. I did this

clicky for larger version ~400k (removed to save my bandwidth)
(Wed 12th Feb 2003, 23:24, More)

The idea just popped into my head

(Tue 11th Feb 2003, 21:48, More)

My attempt at Sherby
in flash. It's a bit rushed, so it's a little poo.


And I've just seen Crab Bloke's one, which is fucking excellent.
(Tue 3rd Dec 2002, 0:03, More)

I was going to save this
to post during the day to relieve the boredom at work, but I have no willpower.

(Mon 2nd Dec 2002, 22:00, More)

This new challenge
is bringing out some quality stuff. Well done peeps.

(Fri 11th Oct 2002, 19:50, More)

I think
he wants a kiss.

(Wed 2nd Oct 2002, 8:25, More)


She-Man & He-Ra
(Tue 1st Oct 2002, 19:22, More)

I made a snowglobe.
It's pretty.

(Mon 30th Sep 2002, 20:33, More)

Yay! I like that.
we had a run on that poster one day a while ago, it was really fun.

I did this one...

(Fri 20th Sep 2002, 14:07, More)

I can
never find a pen or pencil when I need one.

(Thu 22nd Aug 2002, 11:26, More)

For no reason at all
I did this:

(Mon 5th Aug 2002, 15:12, More)

Awww. Baby Marmoset.
Ain't he cute?

(Mon 5th Aug 2002, 12:00, More)

I did this yesterday afternoon
I always thought Escher looked a bit worried in this pic.

(Mon 10th Jun 2002, 9:42, More)

My brain is weird
This was ispired by a fantastic post by SpunkyBackpack containing the phrase Arse Magic

Arse Magic
(Tue 21st May 2002, 22:13, More)

Monkey Disco
Trust me, it's gonna be big this summer.

(Wed 15th May 2002, 21:09, More)

Quick and not very good
but it's so much nicer than the original

(Mon 29th Apr 2002, 21:48, More)

if you're putting anything on the front page...

(Fri 19th Apr 2002, 20:27, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Have you ever paid for sex?

No, but someone else paid for me once.
My 25th birthday, on a sandwich year doing work experience as a programmer/dogsbody in Geneva.

Somehow I fell in with a bunch of hard-drinking, hard-smoking, sex-obsessed, laddish lads as drinking buddies. I was a shy, quiet computer geek, I was completely out of my depth, but they were among the few english speakers I knew.

They had taken me out on the town for my birthday - all the usual haunts - and the drink was pretty free flowing. Then one of them announced it was time for my "birthday present" to much sniggering from the others.

So, they led me through town to some unknown area near to the train station, and into a flat, where they handed me over to a woman (friendly, not unattractive, quite a nice body) and gave here a few notes.

I twigged what was going on by then, but was rather mellow, so I went with the flow.

She led me up to a comfortable looking room - quite clean - and started undressing while I sat on the bed. She then undressed me. After a bit of touching and fondling, on went the condom, and we got on with it.

It was ok, quite enjoyable, but not really very sexy and rather business-like.
(Thu 19th Jan 2006, 21:07, More)