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trapped in Japan

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Facebook Lynch Mob
A few years back I wrote to facebook, because I kept getting friend requests from some dodgy hooker ensnarement ring that operates in Japan. I've known about it on another site called Mixi - where it's been a big problem with thousands of fake profiles. I thought I was doing them a favour.

Facebook promptly deleted the profiles of my entire friends list - about 400 people - with no warning.

No one could log in or re-register under the same names / email addresses. Their profiles and anything in them, were wiped clean. Because of the nature of the friends I have on there (tech journos, bloggers etc), this made it into the news. Much anger ensued and people questioned why it was only Japanese they were targeting. Most swore never to use Facebook again. To this day no one knows why they were deleted, as facebook wouldn't admit their mistake. Only one person figured it out, to which I swore I had no idea what they were on about.
(Tue 19th Jan 2010, 8:29, More)